Family Mediation

Family mediation offers a safe, confidential environment for you to make arrangements for the future following the end of a relationship. This could be financial issues or discussions about where and with whom your children live. The law says that you must consider whether mediation can help before you can take your case to court.

Talking to your partner about the practicalities of separation or divorce can be difficult. If you’re a parent there are lots of decisions and plans to make for your children and in some cases couples just can’t agree a way forward.

Even if you have a good relationship with your partner, conversations about your children and money can result in arguments. In some cases communication can break down completely leaving you unable to come to a resolution. In all of these cases Mediation can help.

The mediator can also give you information about other services that provide help and support and the other options you might have to resolve things.

How can Family Mediation help me?

  • Family Mediation gives you more say about what happens.
  • It is quicker, cheaper and less stressful than a lengthy court process.
  • It is easier on your children – when parents co-operate it helps them maintain important family relationships.

Why Relate Family Mediation

  • We’re a charity and we don’t make any profit from our services so we have to charge a fee for Mediation.
  • We are an established, reputable service and charity working with children and families for the past 75 years.
  • We offer other supportive services such as counselling and parent support groups including the CAFCASS separated parents information programme. Many of which may be useful for your family.

The first meeting or Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM)

The first meeting is between you and the mediator, giving you the chance to find out how mediation works. Here you will be able to explain your issues in complete confidence and let the mediator know what you would like to achieve. Mediators are trained to work out whether mediation is right for you and your family and to decide if a joint meeting would be beneficial. Your ex partner will have a separate confidential meeting and nothing discussed by either party is disclosed. They will also discuss how many sessions you may need, how much they would cost. The session usually lasts an hour.

What happens after the first meeting?
A joint meeting will be arranged by the mediator providing both of you are happy to proceed. These meetings usually take 90 minutes. The mediator will help you discuss and identify the solutions available to you both. The number of meetings depends on your individual needs.

When an agreement is reached, your mediator can provide you with a written summary so that everyone is clear about what has been decided. If you wish, your agreement can then be made legally binding by the courts..

What does it cost?

Item Cost
MIAM (last no more than an hour) £125 per person
Ongoing (last no more than 90 mins) £180 per person
FM1/Form A/Form C100 for court purposes £49.00
Preparation of open statement of financial information £65 per hour
Preparation of parenting plan £65.00 per hour
Preparation of memorandum of understanding £65.00 per hour

If you are in financial difficulty, please contact the centre to discuss a possible bursary.

Solicitor referrals

If you are a solicitor and would like to refer clients for Mediation at Relate Coventry & Warwickshire, please fill in our Mediation Referral form and send to

Further Questions

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