Relate is committed to delivering a professional and confidential counselling service and a diverse portfolio of training to support the varied needs of professionals & individuals within the corporate, public & third sectors.

Drawing on over 70 years of relationship expertise, our services can add significant value to businesses by developing and supporting your people and helping them reach their full potential.

Training opportunities for professionals

See our Education and Learning page for more details on the range of courses we can offer.

If you would like to have a Relate course delivered to your organisation or are interested in attending a course, call our Education and Learning team on 024 7622 5863 or email us.


Employee Assist Service

Relate’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is an employer-led care package providing emotional support for employees and their families for any problems and challenges they may face, both at work and at home.

Adding an Employee Assistance service to your employment package shows that you take the welfare of your employees seriously, value their wellbeing as well as taking current health and safety legislation seriously.

Conflict in the workplace can affect morale and productivity and cause stress.  We can offer counselling to help improve workplace relationships.

 131 million sickness days were lost in 2013, 15 million of these were reported as stress/anxiety and depression.  (ONS)

Stress at work can be a serious problem for employers and organisations.  With initiatives such as the Health and Safety Executive’s stress management standards, employers are assessing the ways in which they audit and reduce stress. Relate is working with many types of employers to find the most appropriate ways to support staff.

Stress can reduce the efficiency and output of your teams. Productivity may fall and sickness absence may increase.  Many employers understand that a small amount of money, targeted strategically at a problem, can save losses in the future.

Cost of absence per employee averaged at £975 in 2012, across the economy as a whole, the direct costs were over £14 billion. (CBI)

What is Relates Employee Assist?

Our Employee Assist is a short term confidential counselling service funded by the employer and is delivered for employees by one of our professionally qualified counsellors.  Employees are able to access this service during their normal working day.

If you would like more information about how a Relate EAP could work with your business, or to arrange a meeting, please call 024 7622 5863.